Welcome to your next obsession!! Surfing is a fun activity that many find to be a lifelong quest for the next great wave!  For first time surfers, Heather is THE person to introduce you to this activity. She has many years of both professional and leisure surf experience and brings enthusiasm and wisdom to her teaching.  This makes her a great source of inspiration for new surfers and makes her an optimal teacher for those wanting to improve their skills.  Here is what she has to say:

"My objective for every student is to make sure they are able to surf safely, using proper surf etiquette, they know how to judge the conditions, respect the ocean and environment, and to see that they have fun while learning. Oceanside offers some of the greatest surfing waters on the west coast. Whatever your level of experience, from novice to pro, I will ensure that your time in the water is well spent, and that you get maximum enjoyment from your lesson. I want to provide new students with the best possible introduction to safe surfing and for those who are experienced surfers, I will teach you the techniques and tricks so you see and feel a measureable improvement of your skills!" 

This is a great activity for individuals, groups, and families whether on vacation or a local.  Try out something new, get into the sport. or improve your surf skills! Almost anyone can LearntoSurfwithHeather! 

  In order to take a class with Heather please meet the following criteria:

  • Must be between the ages of 4 and 104 years old!
  • Be physically able to endure exciting, sometimes strenuous activities. 
  • Must be comfortable in the ocean and able to tread water/swim. (We do not take little ones out very far-safety first!)
  • Be free of any injury or condition that prevents you from participating in sports. If under a doctor's care, get their approval before taking the class.

If you choose our school for your surf lesson we will:

  • Provide wetsuit, rash guard, and board
  • Provide experienced, patient instructors who are CPR and First-aid certified
  • Inform on basic surf etiquette and how to choose a wave, so the student will be welcomed into most any surf community in the future
  • Teach water safety - riptides and what to do with them, loose boards, other hazards and situations so students are prepared
  • Hearing impaired and special needs classes are available. This is a great activity for many with special needs, and can provide a real sense of accomplishment.
  • We will make sure every student catches a wave! (expected surf conditions are taken into account when we confirm your reservation)

Instruction begins on the sand, with beach and water safely instruction, warm ups and stretching, then we cover the basics. Every student gets to practice each step while on the sand and will be comfortable before any surf is involved. Instruction continues in the water, and someone stays by the student's side to help select the wave and to help get going when needed, so the student feels confident. We promise you will catch a wave your first lesson!

Heather has over 30 years of experience surfing professionally and for fun. She was a montessori school teacher for 8 years (K-6) and will make this surf experience one you will talk about for years! Many of our students come back again, and again because they have fun and want to improve so we tailor each lesson to your level of experience. We hope to see you at the beach, soon! 


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